When do you need New Windshield Replacement?

In cases where there is significant damage, a new Windshield Replacement is the only viable safe solution. If your vehicle was involved in a minor fender bender or major collision, auto glass replacement is recommended. A strong enough impact will weaken your windshields glass and supporting frame, which may lead to subsequent damage or injury. To avoid future issues, contact 1-Hour Auto Glass for all your Windshield or Auto Glass Replacement needs.

It’s time for a replacement if your windshield meets any of the following conditions.


  • In the Driver’s Line of Sight
  • Entering into the Frame of the Windshield
  • Exceeding the Size of a Dollar Bill (in any direction)
  • More than 3 “Chips” Anywhere on the Windshield

Unfortunately, for Phoenix and similarly Tucson drivers, Arizona has long held one of the highest rates of Windshield Replacement and Auto Glass Repair insurance claims in the country. With gravel found on the side of the highways, due to statewide construction increases putting more commercial vehicles on the road, auto glass damage is a daily occurrence.  Arizonians are also fans of raised vehicles and mud flaps which kick up a storm of the small rocks that line the states freeways.

If you have glass coverage included in your insurance policy, the replacement will be at no cost to you. All we need is your basic insurance info, and one of our friendly staff members will happily assist you in filing the claim!

We offer competitive pricing to those who do not have glass coverage, so give us a call, or submit a request online. We’d be happy to help you get back on the road safely for as little money as possible!

Convenient Windshield Replacement

All replacement services performed in town come with free mobile service, so don’t put it off another day!