Windshield Replacement in Phoenix, AZ

Common damage requiring windshield replacement in Phoenix, AZ.

If you live in the Phoenix metropolitan area, then you are familiar with the extensive freeway networks. Whether you use I-10, the 60, the 220, or I-17, you are probably also familiar with the unfortunate accidents that occur when the vehicle in front of yours suddenly flings at rock into your windshield. Maybe you notice it right away or perhaps the damage does not show itself until the next morning. Should you opt for a windshield replacement in Phoenix?

With 4.85 million residents comes a considerable number of vehicles you must share the road with. Accidents like these will happen from time to time to your vehicle. The important thing is to take care of it as soon as possible. Your windshield is one of the most important pieces of your car when you are out on the road. Let 1-Hour Auto Glass give you peace of mind with our excellent windshield replacement service.

Our Services

We offer a mobile windshield replacement service in Phoenix, AZ, so you can have your windshield repaired from the comfort of your own home. Our team of friendly advocates are committed to fixing your windshield in the most cost-effective way possible, so you can get back on the road with the assurance your car is in perfect shape.

When you bring your car to 1-Hour Auto Glass or schedule a visit with us, you can rest assured that any glass policy on your insurance will cover the repair. “No fault” claims also cannot increase your insurance premiums by law.

We only use the best glass and high-quality parts for your windshield replacement service. Each team member has over twenty years of experience in vehicle maintenance, so you can trust us to get the job done correctly, saving you time and money.

Additionally, we offer a cashback incentive on your windshield replacement service of up to $500.

Our Contact Information

Since 2008, 1-Hour Auto Glass has been committed to expert-level attention for your car as well as the highest quality customer service. Each of our team members has an A+ installer rating from the Better Business Bureau. Give us a call at 480-416-5455 or use our online form to begin your insurance claim to have your windshield repaired.